Day 2


Recap the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.

Who were the characters in the story?

What happened at the beginning, middle and end of the story?


Today we are going to write 1 or 2 sentences about what happened in the story. If your child is struggling one sentence is fine.

What do we need to remember when we are writing?

Adults, if possible, don’t tell your child how to spell words. Get them to use their robot arms (they will know what to do). Get them to sound it out – first say the word. Then what sound does the word start with, what sound can you hear in the middle, what sound can you hear at the end of the word?


Use this phonics mat to help identify sounds needed.


You can print the sheet off to complete if you have a printer and want to. If not just show you child the sheet and they can write it in their book.

jack writing activity

CHALLENGE – extra ideas to do if you like

You can draw another part of the story and write a sentence to go with your picture if you would like to do more writing.


Next week, we will be continuing with Traditional Tale’s. I would like the children to pick the story we look at. So I have created a survey so we can have a class vote. Follow this link and pick the story you want to learn about…


Recap telling the time from yesterday.

Use this again if you need to.

Telling the time

Then play this game;

or use this tablet friendly link:


Set the settings to:

  • Read time to hour and half hour

CHALLENGE – extra ideas to do if you like

Here are some more times to read if you’re after a little bit more.

Maths challenge day 2


I am also going to add daily phonics recap with a bigger phonics lesson for English on Friday’s.


Please look at this pdf for today’s phonics revision.

Phonics revision day 2


Stilling Time Activity for Well-Being

We have done this in class and the kids love it. It will make you all feel better (I Hope).

Continue with building the castle we sent home or you can pick one activity from either side of the home learning grid I sent home if you would like more things to do.


Again, email if you have any issues.

Please send pictures, if you like, of any work and I would love to have a look.  Mrs Quinn. x