Day 1

English – Jack and the Beanstalk

This week we are looking at Traditional Tales.

traditional tale is a story that’s been told and repeated for many years. As a result, the story becomes a common tale which is known by everyone. Traditional stories are also called ‘fairy stories‘ or ‘fairy tales. ‘

Do you know any traditional tales or fairy tales?

Have you heard the stories: Jack and the Beanstalk, the gingerbread man, the three little pigs, little Red Riding Hood?

These are all examples of traditional tales.

For today’s task can you read this story of Jack and the Beanstalk with an adult? Look out for the characters, the traditional tale language – once upon a time, fe fi fo fum etc.


Then can you retell the story? You could say what happened or act out what happened with the people in your house. Maybe you could be different characters.

Can you use the traditional tale language when you retell the story?

CHALLENGE – extra ideas to do if you like

Do you have any fairy tale books or traditional tales at home? Maybe you could read some with an adult.


Maths – Time

We are looking at time – O’clock and half past. Go through this pdf and it will tell you all about how to tell the time.

Telling the time

The look at these times and write the times in you work book or you can just tell your adult.

telling the time activity

CHALLENGE – extra ideas to do if you like

Adults – ask your child to tell you the time across the day (only o’clocks and half pasts unless your child can do other times).



Have a go at building the castle we sent home or you can pick one activity from either side of the home learning grid I sent home if you would like more things to do.


Your stilling time challenge for the day is to complete this peace out guided activity …


Any issues with any of this please email –

Let me know how you all get on. Feel free to send any pictures, I’d love to see how you get on. Mrs Quinn x