Crook O’ Lune River Trip

We have had a great day today on our River Trip.  The weather decided to sort itself out and the sun even shined for us.

Arriving at Woodies at Crook O Lune car park we headed west along the Lune Millennium Walk towards Halton.  We stopped at various places along the way to look at the River and see what was going on.  We also spotted some birds and ticked them off on our identifying sheet.  We had questions to answer and things to spot too.  The children learnt about the Hydro station at Halton and how it provides electricity for the Halton Mills houses.  We spent some time looking at the weir and also how the height of the water had changed in the last two weeks due to all the rain.  Along the way the children also did some geocaching, which they loved.  We have to say though that the girls rained victorious finding all three of the geocahces.

We walked back along the track to Woodies where  we sat and had our lunch in the sun! AFter this we went to find the last geocache which was incredibly difficult to find.  Then we headed back onto the top path towards Bull Beck where we stopped on the path and benches to sketch what we could see.  In the distance there was Ingleborough, Hornby Castle, Caton Mill and the wind turbines about Caton.  In the foreground the River Lune wound its way past us.  It was a beautiful view and the children enjoyed their time sketching.  Then we headed back to the coach and to school.

The children were brilliant.   They were kind and thoughtful and polite to other users of the public track we were on.  You should be proud of your children as we certainly are.  They will certainly be tired tonight after all that fresh air!

Take a look at the pictures below to see what we got up to.


Mrs Graham & Mrs Quinn.