To celebrate the UK hosting the Commonwealth games in July, schools in the local area have been asked to design and plant an area of garden for the general public to see. The area we have chosen is the planter to the left of the main gate at the bottom of the drive.

The planters need to be finished before the beginning of July where all the schools taking part will be part of a special walk that people can take part in to see all the creations and will culminate in a picnic at Williamson Park.

We would like you to design a flower garden to be made into a display by the Eco-council. A plan of the area is attached along with an entry form (it is free to enter) :

Creative homework opportunity

Design Entry form

We have a small budget to buy plants but we would appreciate donations of compost bags, trowels, hand forks and plants.Your design needs to be linked to the Commonwealth, it could be the design of a flag, sport or colours of a country. Let your imagination run riot.

This is a very exciting opportunity and we are looking forward to seeing your designs and putting the winning one into action!

Your entries need to be in by Friday 20th May.

Good luck!

Eco-Council & Mrs Poole