These resources have been collated for children who are absent from Holly Class due to isolation requirements. These tasks should only be accessed to provide home learning activities for your child if they are isolating. There is no expectation that children who are ill should complete this work. The activities have been matched to what we are doing in class as much as possible.

Children can also access their online accounts (Spelling Shed, Mathletics and Purple Mash).

If you have any queries about these tasks please email Miss Walton using [email protected]

Please be aware that there may be delay in reply during the school day as Miss Walton will be teaching.

Week Beginning 5th July 2021

Maths- Multiplication and division

LI: To recognise and add equal groups

LI: To share equally into groups

LI: To explore arrays

LI: To explore arrays


LI: To create a character for my adventure story

Think about characters from stories you have read. What do they look like? How do they act? What makes them a good character? Design your own adventure character based on you!

LI: To listen to and respond to an explanation

LI: To tell an explanation map from memory

LI: To explain steps in a process


Phonics- Revisiting Alternate Graphemes

LI: To review ‘ue’

Watch this video:


LI: To review ‘ew’

Watch this video:


LI: To review ‘u-e’

Watch this video:


LI: To review ‘aw’

Watch this video:


Wider Curriculum


Science– LI: To learn about the life cycle of humans.

Watch this video: complete the activities alongside it.

PE– LI: To improve my throwing and catching

Use a small ball (e.g. tennis ball) and practise throwing it in the air infront of you using one hand to throw it and two hands to catch it. How many times can you catch it without dropping it?

Practice throwing and catching the ball with a partner. Remember to open your hands, with your fingers wide, ready to make a basket to catch the ball.

Challenge: Throw the ball and catch it with one hand only. How many times can you catch it without dropping it?

RE– Think about when Jesus ascended to heaven. Talk about how you think the Disciples felt. Discuss what you think heaven looks like. Create your own image of heaven. Be as creative as you like!



For children who require additional materials to support the isolation learning provision, please use these resources:


Months of the year spelling practice

Phase 6 Suffixes Easter Theme

Spring English Activity Booklet

Spring Maths Activity Booklet