Chance to Shine LIVE!
Session 3: Super Striker

I have just been sent the link for a live cricket session on Wednesday.

This week’s session will be on Wednesday 27 January at 2-2.45PM. It will be a Super Striker session, improving pupils’ ball-striking skills.

The activities can be completed indoors and to take part you will need:

  • Something to hit with, like a bat, a frying pan or a hardback book
  • 4 items to use as targets, something that won’t break like plastic cups or empty tubs
  • A ball or a rolled up pair of socks
  • A wall to rebound your ball against with safe space around it

This week’s session will also feature the opportunity to do some pairs work as well if there is another person to do so with (but this isn’t a requirement and the activities can all be completed solo).

The session will be streamed on our YouTube channel: Subscribe to our channel to receive alerts when we go live in the future by clicking here.

If pupils aren’t able to join in live, the session will be available to watch back in the same place.

I was unaware this was happening until today’s email and so children may have missed session 1 and 2.

They are available here but you don’t have to do them to join in with session 3.

I hope you enjoy the session, Mrs Quinn.