Mercredi 6 Janvier 2021

Bonjour Classe!

I hope you’re all keeping well in Willow class and have enjoyed a lovely Christmas break with your families.

This half term I would have been teaching you French which would have been so much fun!  So I have set a little revision challenge for you to have a go at.  I’m sure you’ll all be experts and whizz through this activity ?

On the worksheet there are different French greetings, I’d like you to use your best French accent and have a go at saying them out loud.  It might be fun to try it with someone else in your household!  I know you enjoyed French in Hazel class so these greetings and phrases won’t be new.

Underneath each picture, I’d like you to write down the word or phrase in English.

Let me know how you all get on, you can leave a comment on this post or email me ?


Bonne chance!

Madame O’Donnell

French greetings worksheet