It was brilliant to see so many of you in our class Zoom on Tuesday with Miss Walton. I know a couple of us were unable to attend the Zoom meeting so here’s a summary of the questions and answers so that you can read them and be ready to start Year 2 in September.

Who will be our teacher? Miss Walton will be the class teacher.

Who will be our TA? Mrs Fisher will be our teaching assistant, she has worked with us in Year 1 too so we know her very well.

Will I be with my friends? School is planning for all children to return in September so you will be able to play with children in your year group.

Where will we line up? You will line up on the infant playground, at the feet closest to the bark area. Miss Walton will be around on your first day to show you where to line up.

Where is our classroom? Your classroom is next to Beech Class so you will use the same cloakroom and toilets as you have used in Year 1.

What will our first topic be? Our first topic is all about Our Local Area, we will be learning about Galgate and Lancaster, looking at the buildings in the area and learning about a famous person from Lancaster.

Will we still get to play? Usually in Year 2, we move away from continuous provision and adopt a more formal approach to learning. However, as lots of us haven’t been in school since March, this year there will still be some play (continuous provision) in Holly Class. Initially, we are planning to deliver learning opportunities using continuous provision in most lessons until the October half term. Then after October half term, continuous provision will only be available in the afternoons. After the Christmas break, a more formal approach will be adopted fully.

Will I have my own table? You will have our own tray in class to put your school work and stationary in. When you are working, you will have your own seat and table space.

Will we need to wear school uniform? Yes, it is expected that all children will be in full uniform in September including school shoes.

Will we need a PE bag? Yes you will need to bring your PE kit into school in a drawstring bag on the first day back in September.


Hopefully, this summarises the main questions asked on Tuesday. However, if I’ve missed something off please add it in the comments! Also if you have anymore questions, please do email Mrs Quinn or Miss Walton and we will get back to you as soon as we can.