This week in Beech Class, we have been carrying on with our work on fractions looking at halving and then quartering. In topic, we compared the weather in the U.K. and the Polar Regions. In English, we finished our Gruffalo stories and have stared work on the Gruffalo’s Child which links to this weeks homework.

Character Description

In class, we have done lots of work on character descriptions. This is where we write about what a character looks like and acts like.

Can you write a few sentences to describe either:

the snake

the fox

or the owl

from the story the Gruffalo’s Child?

Use the video clips to help your discussion.

One sentence would be fine if that is more appropriate for your child.

Try to let your child write it by themselves, they don’t have to spell every word correctly as long as they have had a good go at sounding it out.

In class, we get them to say the word they want to write and chop it up into sounds to spell it e.g. ship   sh-i-p.

Please send over any pictures of the writing done to

Have a lovely weekend everyone! Mrs Quinn