Hi Beech Class,

I hope you are all well. I am missing seeing you all everyday in class and am really looking forward to seeing you next Wednesday when we are all back together.

I have created some follow on activities building on the lessons you have watched from my videos so have a go if you like.


In class, we looked at all the things Paddington likes, for example:

marmalade sandwiches,

having a bath,

and his friend Pigeonton.

Paddington would like to know what you like. Can you draw pictures on a piece of paper or in your book and write a label to match the picture. Or can you write a sentence using the sentence starter

I like

Remember to use your robot arms to segment and split up the words you need to write.

Use this sound rainbow to help. We use these in class to support our writing.



Building on from the subtraction work we did, can you complete one of these sheets? If you can’t print you can record in your books, use objects you have at home to represent the pictures or draw circles in your book instead of the pictures.


t-t-28792-rainforest-themed-subtraction-within-20-activity-sheet-_ver_4 (1)



Have a go at this. Again, if you can’t print just record the answers you can in your books or on a piece of paper



Be crafty

You could have a go at making one of these Paddington themed crafts:

Please don’t feel you have to do these activities. You can pick and chose them as you wish. Spread them out if you like. I am just trying to provide different things to keep the children motivated and going.

If you have any questions, please email.

Thanks to all of you for your support during this time,

Mrs Quinn x