Beech class have settled back into school so well, it’s like they were never away!

We have been busy catching up with our friends but also we have been busy with our learning.

In English, we have been looking at the story ‘Pirates Love Underpants’. In maths, we have been looking at repeated addition and multiplication.

To link to our topic, we created different forms of transport for ICT:

In science, we have been looking at floating and sinking and completed an experiment to see objects that float and ones that sink.
Then we looked at changing states. We looked at how objects can change from solids, liquids and gasses. We thought about how to to change chocolate from a solid to a liquid. We then melted the chocolate and made easter nest cakes:

We even had time to celebrate the birthdays that were in January, February and March.

We had a disco, played pass the parcel and finished with a film:

As you can see, we have been really busy but having be having lots of fun!