Hi everyone I hope you are all OK.

You are all doing a fantastic job with the home learning. I know it is not always easy when you are juggling so many things but thank you for everything you are doing with your children.

From conversations with you as parents, writing seems to be the thing that the children are struggling with the most at home. It is trickier for the children as it can take more effort than say maths.

They are in the early stages of developing their writing too, so they do find it tricky as they haven’t mastered it yet. This is totally normal and a common theme for lots of you so please don’t be put off!

I thought I would do a blog which offers some alternative activities and ideas to the daily English that is set on the blog. These are all activities you can do if they are not engaging with the English activities.


Here are some ideas to try with the activities set in class to make the task less over facing for them:

  • They could draw a picture to show what they want to write and maybe write some words to go with it (not a full sentence).
  • They could tell you the sentence then you would write the words on little bits of paper, 1 word per piece. Jumble up the words and they stick the sentence back together. Just like this:
  • You could write the start of the sentence and they can finish it (just a few words)
  • You could write out a sentence leaving a few gaps for them to fill e.g. Hairy Maclary ______ on a ______ (went on a walk). He is _____ and _____. etc


Here are some other ideas of alternative things you can do instead of the English in class which may be better for your child to help them engage more:










Lined T-E-186-Everyday-Sentence-Building-Cards-EAL_ver_1

Do one page or one section of the sheets where there are multiple sheets.


You can always try the BBC Home Learning:


This may appeal more to some.

NEW resources:

Zoo Writing Prompt – Single Lined

Superhero Writing Prompt – Lined

Write a Sentence Activity Cards

t-l-2412-simple-sentence-writing-prompt-pictures-_ver_5 (1)


Let me know how you get on and if any of this helps.

Mrs Quinn