Hello Acorn Class!

I hope you all had wonderful Christmas! I hope you managed at least 1 pyjama day, watched Christmas films, had lots of family time, played games and ate too much chocolate. I know I did all of those things!

It’s always an exciting time as we return to school after Christmas. The Christmas discussions, talking about your experiences, your favourite gifts and no doubt how some of you have even forgotten all the effort your families have put in!

So I’d like you to also share this excitement with your family at home. Have a chat about Christmas.

What was your favourite part of Christmas? I know I enjoyed a no rush rest, snuggle time with my children, watching a film and dozing off to sleep at times!

What gave you the biggest smile? For me it was when my children woke me on Christmas day morning. Their excited faces will never be forgotten. Christmas surely is a magical time!

What made your families smile?

What was your favourite Christmas food? Oh that’s a tricky one…I’m struggling to choose just 1 so I’m going to go with Christmas Lunch because that includes lots of yummy food!

Now moving onto our new topic ‘Toys and Us’ which is all about…yes you guessed it…toys!

So that leads me onto my next question – What was your most favourite Christmas gift? Was it a toy?

What is it?

Who was it from?

Had you asked for it or was it a total surprise?

There’s lots of scope here for some great conversation, turn taking and description.

Now why don’t you spend some time playing with your favourite toy 🙂

The children were asked to bring in 1 small toy to share with the class. Each child had the chance to show and talk about their toy with the whole class. Each child spoke clearly and confidently before responding to any questions asked. We wrote labels for our toys and some children drew a picture too!

We have investigated the number zero this week –

We have investigated which of our school toys float and which sink –

Following on from sharing the story Kipper’s Toybox, we made our very own sock puppets! We can’t wait to use them in our new puppet theatre next week.

We have learnt so much this week, including the sounds j, v, w and x.

Happy weekend,

Mrs Tyson x