A busy week in Acorn Class this week and the children have settled well after the half term break. We also welcomed 2 new children into our class this week!

Just to give you a bit of an overview of this week’s teaching coverage –

Phonics: g, o, c, k https://lettersandsounds.org.uk/for-home/reception (useful teaching videos for optional follow up)

English: retell and sequence the following stories – The Little Red Hen (we discussed kindness) and Rama and Sita.

Maths: Investigating the number 2. We found the number 2 around the classroom e.g. 2 o’clock, 2p, dice, domino, 2 socks etc. We made collections of 2, objects and drawings. We made the number 2 using the part whole model.

Topics: Diwali – We made Rangoli patterns, designed Diva lamps and created a Diwali dance. Bonfire Night – We found out about Guy Fawkes, discussed Firework safety, made shape rockets and made edible sparklers (breadsticks/apple sticks dipped in chocolate and sprinkles.

These are just examples of our Learning Journey this week! More details can be found on our class webpage – https://ellelstjohns.school/classes/acorn-class/

Here are some photograph examples –