Easter Fun Day – We heard the story ‘We’re Going on an Egg Hunt’ and had an Easter egg hunt of our very own, we decorated a hard boiled egg and took part in an egg rolling competition! Billy won! Then Mrs Tyson beat Mr Cross and Mr Garvey!

We found something?

We thought about what they may be and decided to plant them! Look at what grew overnight –We decided to measure the beanstalk but it was so tall we had to use a piece of string. We then measured the length of the string using our footsteps. We learnt how to do this correctly. But we still got different measurements?


We recorded our results –

We decided to practise our footsteps and incorporate some balance work!

We decided to make our measurements fair and use one size of footprint. We then measured lots of things –

Lots of Jack and the Beanstalk activities –

Some children decided to create their own beanstalk!


We have been learning to balance, ride our bikes and improve our cycling skills!

Later on in the week, we received a letter from…the Giant! He asked us to find things longer and shorter than his footprints! We even recorded our results to send back to the giant.

In phonics we have begun to learn the trigraphs – ear, air and ure

We have enjoyed our Diddi Dance session –

We also enjoyed our apparatus session with Mr Garvey –

We loved the sunshine!

We are looking forward to where our Learning Journey will take us next week!

Here is our current topic web – Jack and the Beanstalk Topic Web