Hello Everybody!,

Thank you for all your ideas and input. I have put together a list of 10 rules for Acorn Class. So sorry if your rule hasn’t made it on.

So feast your eyes to the heavens as your very own Moses (Mr Cross) is holding the tablets aloft.

I’ve written the rules in original text so ask your Mum or Dad to explain them. If you follow these rules you should be fine at least until Beech Class.

A few rules that didn’t make the cut but need a mention.

Thou shalt not throw books!

Thou shalt just dance

No Mummies shalt enter thy classroom

No Annabel’s shalt enter thy classroom

No Girls shalt enter thy classroom

No Boys shalt enter thy classroom except for Billy, he hast permission to enter thou classroom.

No work for thou but thou shalt play



Mr Cross