Hello once again!

Last week we looked at different ways of developing our hand eye co-ordination and control over an object using just a sock, I have had numerous pictures and even videos of you trying this, so well done all of you. Did anyone manage to beat my record of 6 catches without dropping? I doubt it!

This week we are learning about Teddy Bears.

Everybody has a bear, or maybe even a cuddly toy?So go and get them now!

In this lesson we are using our toys to create obstacles and markers on the floor. In the following video it will explain how to use your teddies and develop jumping with 2 legs, hopping on 1 leg, frog jumps, side jumps etc. The actions get more difficult as the video progresses so try and copy the teacher and give it your best shot! (Maybe even pause the video after each instruction and give it a few tries before moving on to the next one!)

If you think you can create a better activity using your teddies ( obviously one that develops physical skills – not sitting watching TV with Teddy!!). Take some photos and send them in, explaining the rules to us. We would love to see them. We might even include your game in one of our lessons or maybe even one of my party games! Woohoo!

I look forward to hearing from you.

Mr Cross