Hello everybody!

I hope you all are coping well and that you are managing to ‘School’ whilst at home. I know these are very difficult and unusual times but let me assure you Mrs Tyson and I cannot wait to see you back at school.

We have now finished looking into stories that Jesus would have listened to as a child, and now over the next 3/4 weeks we are going look at some of the stories that Jesus told.

As he grew up, Jesus would show how special he was and now crowds would follow him around to see him perform miracles and tell stories.

The stories that Jesus told were called ‘Parables’. Parables are different to normal stories like ‘The Gruffalo’.

Parables are stories with a meaning, so when you hear a story told by Jesus, Have a think about what the story means to you. How can you be the best that you can be? How can you make the right choices in the future?How does this story help you?

This week we are looking at a Parable called “The Lost sheep” but just before we watch the story we are going to play a game!

This is Sheepy. He is an absolute nightmare and he keeps wandering off. If you have ever played ‘Where’s Wally’ before you will get the idea. I have hidden Sheepy in the following pictures. Have a good search and see if you can spot Sheepy. If you can well done! They start off really easy, but then get much harder!

Easy one to start off with.

How about this one. Sheepy has wandered to Egypt.

He’s in Australia now! Where is he?

Brrrr Sheepy has wandered to Mount Everest. Can you find him?

I think Sheepy has found his way to Times Square in New York. But where is he hiding?

Well done if you managed to find them all. Watch this next clip about the Parable of the Lost Sheep, and have a think about what you think you can learn from this Parable.

It explained at the end of the clip that in this Parable. If you had 100 Sheep and one went missing, what would you do?

Would you search for the sheep?

or would you be happy with the 99 that are left?

GOD loves each and every single one of us exactly the same. It doesn’t matter if it’s you, your friends, your Mum and Dad or even your Grandparents. You are all seen as truly unique and special to GOD.

If sometimes we find ourselves lost and we don’t know where to go or what to do, just remember that GOD loves you and will not give up on you, just like the Shepherd does in the story.

Now as a fun follow up game. We normally play Hide and sheep at School, so why not have a try by taking it in turns with your brother and sister and pretend to be the sheep and hide in your house. If you are found, swap roles and you pretend to be the Shepherd.

Hope you enjoyed the Parable and we will look at a new one next week!

Mr Cross