Hello Acorns!

So last week we learned about Jonah. A prophet who ran away from GOD and ended up inside a whales belly! But was o.k  again (After he had prayed and said sorry!).

Today we are looking at a famous character from the bible who had a very important job to do. His name is Moses.

The story of Moses is absolutely huge so we are going to break it into 2 parts over the two weeks. In the first part there is a video to watch, where we learn about Moses as a baby, his family ‘the Israelites’ and the Egyptians led by a Pharoah who was not treating the Israelites very well at all.


Just like in the last story of Jonah, Moses was given a command by GOD to help his people. Moses however, didn’t think that he was any good and was worried he couldn’t do the job but GOD reassured him that you can do anything with GOD by your side.

Today’s challenge is to think (or draw) about 2 things:

Imagine that GOD has called you to do a job.

  1. What is your best skill/ability (What are you really good at doing)
  2. What do you struggle with. (What do you not like doing!)

Send in your pictures, thoughts and ideas.

Next week we will find out if Moses is able to do his job and lead his people to safety. Stay tuned.

Mr Cross