Hello everyone!

It’s your favourite time of the week. Watching Mr Cross struggle to interpret the Parables of Jesus!

This story is called ‘The Parable of the Sower’ and it is all about the kingdom of Heaven. This basically is GOD’s house/land. (Obviously it is entirely up to you how you explain Heaven to your child. I’m sure you understand people have different interpretations of it!)

Anyway watch the clip and i’ll try and summerise at the end, then leave you with a task.


Ok here goes. Acorn friendly interpretation:

The Birds eating the seed

When anyone hears about Heaven and doesn’t understand it, it allows people who are not kind to say bad things about it and you soon forget about how great Heaven is.

The seed falling on rocky ground

This is for people who learn about Jesus and GOD but decide to stop learning so they do not grow. The persons seed has no root. For example if you do not keep practising maths, you will quickly forget and you will grow up unable to count)

Seeds falling on the thorns

This is people who hear about GOD and Jesus and become excited but worry too much about bad things and choose to make the wrong decisions in life so their seed never grows. 

The seed falling on good soil

This is about people who hear about the word of GOD, learn more, carry on learning and lives a life being kind, wise and an all round great person. 

This parable explains that is is really important to have a good foundation in life. A happy home, loving family, friends and education are essential in allowing you to grow. (as the seed did)

In the bible, it encourages you to make GOD and Jesus as important in your lives as your home, family and friends already are. It is because of this that you will grow just like the seed in good soil.

Split a piece of paper into 4 sections and draw in each section the 4 stages of the parable of the sower.

Birds eating seeds

Seeds on rocky ground

Seed amongst thorns

Seed growing into beautiful flower

Take a picture and send it to my e-mail  and i’ll give work pride of place in our every growing worship book!

Thank you!

Mr Cross