Hi again!

So, I’m sure you’ll be pleased to know that we have finished the incredibly long story of Moses. Thank you to everyone who has sent in ideas for the Acorn Class commandments, if you haven’t yet there is of course still time to e-mail them to us and I’ll compile the list early next week.

This week we are looking at a character called Joshua. In this story Joshua was chosen by GOD to take over from Moses in leading the long suffering Israelites to find a home. (They still hadn’t found the right one yet!)

Joshua led the Israelites on a journey to find their home, but came upon a city called Jericho that was blocking their path. The people of Jericho were scared of the Israelites so locked their doors and wouldn’t let anyone in or out. Joshua sent spies to sneak into the city who got all the information they needed from a kind lady called Rahab. Once the spies returned to the Israelites camp, GOD instructed Joshua and his people to walk around the city once a day 6 times and on the seventh day march seven times! He then commanded them to shout, scream, play music as loud as they could. (Personally i think Mariah Carey could knock the wall down after one go and maybe even a few of the Acorns could have a go judging by our music lessons!!). You know who you are……

The walls tumbled, his people took the city and the land of Canaan (Cay-nan). The Israelites had finally found a place to live! Hooray.

Mini challenge today:

Build a wall out of bricks, cushions, household items etc (Not knives). March round it 7 times and just like Joshua shout loudly, play an instrument and jump up and down and knock the wall down!

Take photos or videos of building, marching or destroying (Or all 3!)and email them in.


Mr Cross