Hello everyone!

Time for our weekly PE lesson and this week we are looking at trains.There isn’t loads of games we can do linked to trains that you can do in the comfort of your living room/bedroom. The train activities we do in the hall are usually very energetic and require a large space to take part.

This week we are going to play a game and in this one you might need either an older brother or sister or even your Mum or Dad to help you. Ive adapted a game which we have played before in Acorns called “Pirates”. You may have even played this at Nursery too?

In This game someone takes the role of shouting commands and each command has it’s own action.

For example:

Climb the rigging – Children pretend to climb

Walk the plank – Children walk one foot in front of other with arms balanced out. etc

As we are looking at trains I’ve adapted the commands and actions, so find a space and let me assure you, most of the actions do not require a lot of movement around the room. It’s probably a good idea if you do this game after food has settled in their tummy, so an hour or so after breakfast/ dinner etc should be o.k?

Parents/ siblings if you could read the actions beforehand and maybe show they a brief action that would be great. The children usually pick it up very quickly.

Toot the whistle – Child lifts one arm and pull down (Make toot sound)

Engine is starting – Child crouches and slowly move arms in circle (Like train wheels)

Full speed – Child stands up moving arms faster and runs on spot.

Slow down – Child moves in slow motion (Moving arms in circle slowly)

Brakes – Child stand still as soon as he hears word.

Trains in the tunnel – Child gets on floor and arches body (like a tunnel shape)

Park the train – Child walks backwards (Only a few steps!)

Here’s my foolproof guide to wearing out your children, feel free to adapt. Shout these commands every 5-10 seconds.

Toot the whistle, engine is starting, full speed, slow down, full speed, slow down, brakes, engine is starting, full speed, slow down, full speed, trains in the tunnel,full speed, full speed, full speed, slow down, toot the whistle, park the train. (Child walks back and slumps on sofa exhausted)

The idea is to shout out a command every 10 seconds and basically get faster and faster in between calling the commands (5-10seconds)and hopefully wear your children out so that as they slump on the sofa exhausted, you can go get a brew and relax. Haha

For a less energetic activity you could always have a try at the great game that Mr Garvey has posted this week. (I knew those crystal Anniversary glasses would come in handy some day!!!)

See how you get on and have fun!

Mr Cross