Hello Acorns, are you ready to travel back in time?

A long long time ago, there was no such thing as Xbox or Playstation and children had to play with actual toys and actually physically interact with each other on something called a School Playground.

Toys like these were used by the children back then:

Today in P.E. were going to try and recreate those magical activities in the comfort of our own home. (Indoor or out weather depending!). If you have any of these things already, that’s perfect but if not don’t worry i have some ideas for substitute items to use.

I am going to separate the activities into Indoor and outdoor for obvious reasons. (I have seen some of you kick footballs!)


Grab a spoon and either a small rolled up sock/golf ball/ tangerine/potato?. Put one arm behind your back and practice walking around your house without dropping the sock/golf ball/ tangerine or potato. If you do, don’t worry, just stop, pick it up and carry on! See how far you can go with out dropping?

What’s that? you don’t have an old sack? I bet you have a pillow case though. Ask your mum or dad to help. Climb into the pillowcase and holding the sides, practice jumping around the house. Obviously watch out for coffee tables and other furniture and the dog!


You need a tennis ball or small ball for this one. Go outside and holding the ball in one hand, face the wall and take one step back. Throw the ball underarm and when it rebounds off the wall, try and catch it in both hands. (Remember what Mr Garvey taught you about holding your hands together like a dish!). If you get confident, take 2 steps back and see how you get on! See how many times you can catch without dropping the ball.

If you have a football, as before but this time use the side of your foot to pass the ball at the wall, when it rebounds back try and collect it with the side of you foot again and repeat! See how many you can do and if you get confident, change feet!

If you have a Hula Hoop, practice rolling it along the floor with your hand. See how far it rolls?, roll it and see if you can chase after it and collect it before it topples?. If you fancy putting it round your waist and spinning it, that’s good too. Do whatever you’re most comfortable with!

If you have any skipping ropes, best of luck to you. I’ve never been able to do it. But don’t worry, as a young boy at Primary School I studied the girls skipping in the playground and picked up everything you need to know. Basically you hold the handles to the skipping rope in each hand and basically whip it up and over your body and round again and jump and shout out random condiment names as you do it. Easy

If you have a try at any of these, send in some pics, i would love to see it!

Have fun!

Mr Cross