Hello fellow Acorns!

Are you ready to save the world? You are?

Well before you do, it’s time to practice the moves.

You can’t just dive into battle without practice that would be silly. If you don’t believe me listen to my friend Captain America.

“You cant just dive into action, a good hero always trains hard and of course does their home learning…oh and eats their fruit and vegetables too!”

We are going to do a few exercise workout videos today. They are both about 7mins long so shouldn’t wear you out too much. The first one is by a famous fitness instructor called Les Mills. Good old Les has arranged a workout video where you copy the trademark moves of all the heroes.

How are you feeling now? Tired?

Before we start the next one. Here’s a motivational speech from the Avenger who always has a bad temper. (Not Mrs Tyson!). It’s Hulk!

So Hulk have you got anything you want to say to the children in Acorn Class?


Thanks Hulk

Here’s the next video. This time you choose an action of each Superhero from a selection. Or do all three! You only have 40 seconds per hero though.

Are you tired? You should be. Hope you have had fun!

Mr Cross