Hi Acorn Class,

It’s wonderful to see what Home Learning you have been doing. I miss you all so it’s especially nice to catch up with you and say hello!

Albert produced a rainbow and Easter picture with his brother Stanley Boules!  Cake design  Finding Spring flowers Phonics online   A lovely note! I miss you too! Easter Tricky Word colouring Writing cards Local walk   Fine motor development with Aqua Beads   CBeebies games Cutting skills Checking on seed growth 2D Shape chick Jumping on called out numbers  Playdough tricky words  Threading beads Rabee working through some Mathletics activities  Letter formation Playing in the woods  Ordering numbers Parents are even joining in with the Purple Mash fun!

I can’t wait to see what you all get up to next. Enjoy your family time and Home Learning. Love from Mrs Tyson x