Below are some activities for you to work through while you are isolating (as long as you are well enough to work). The plan is that this post will become a permanent on our class webpage but it’s just here for the time being as a blog post. Please don’t do any of this work unless you are isolating and feeling well. If you’re ill and not well enough to be at school then you should be resting.

I will be providing you with lots of teaching ideas and information. Your children are very special indeed and I hold their well-being at the forefront of my mind. For this reason, take your time, try not to rush your child, take it at their pace and endeavor to make their learning as practical and fun as you can. In reception, we learn so much through our play! Have fun and your child will too.

Remember, each child is unique and at different stages in their learning journey. Take their lead and soar!

Let me know how you get on, either via the blog by sending a comment, or via email as photos are also welcome.

Take care and stay safe,

Mrs Tyson x

I would encourage you to try to cover the following types of activities:

Phonics Phase 1 Pre reading skills to develop –

General Sound Discrimination Environmental Sounds Home Learning Challenge Sheet

Oral Blending and Segmenting EYFS Home Learning Challenge

Reading e.g. school and home books, Oxford Owl, enjoy reading for pleasure, share story time etc.

Fine Motor e.g. activities to strengthen those hand muscles for writing! Pencil Control activities – use a variety of utensils e.g. crayons, felt tips, paint brushes etc.

Writing e.g. real life writing opportunities, utilise mark making opportunities, practice name writing!

Maths (Our Maths planning outline is on our class webpage) e.g. practical maths activities and games, Mathletics, Top Marks, Number Blocks,

Active e.g. Cosmic Yoga, Go Noodle, The Body Coach, games in the garden etc.

Topic e.g. practical / creative activities, outdoors, Purple Mash activities, home routines etc.

Autumn Term Home Learning Activities

Autumn colouring in sheets

Leaf Hedgehog Craft Instructions

Hedgehog Template