New experiences, exploring and excitement:

It’s been a great start to Forest School for Acorn Class, where the children have thrown themselves (literally) into the natural experience. The first couple of weeks have allowed the children the opportunity to explore the environment and to try new skills. Children have shown a varying range of skills from the child halfway up a tall tree to a child nervously peering down the steep mud slide slope. One of the things that has been a joy to observe is how the children have encouraged each other whilst playing. Children have shown super problem solving skills to help each other when they have got stuck. A few children have shown that they like to repair areas that have been damaged (filling holes) others have enjoyed running around and exploring the huge green space that we have at School. The swing has been very popular and the children have created a secure space behind the shed which they call their secret den. It is child friendly and the size of the door means adults or older children will find it difficult to enter, Thanks Acorns! We have sampled campfire cooking, enjoying gooey Smores (Marshmallow squashed between biscuits) and hot chocolate round a roasting hot fire. The children have learned the fire safety rules and have shown that that they have listened well.

This week we started to teach children about trees having their own identity. The children have created faces on the trees and named them. We will be using identification books to determine the type of tree and its characteristics over the coming weeks. I’m sure the children are excited to learn about, Donkey, Moana and LucaCharlie as they were creating a face for them.

Over the next couple of weeks the children have asked to build tree houses, a wider swing and other d.i.y. activities so it looks like the old trusty tool box will be returning to school.

Mr Cross