Hello everybody!

Just thought I would update with a few beautiful pieces of work sent to me since last weeks challenge.

Last week we learned about the prophet Jonah from the Bible and how he was given a task by GOD but he decided to run away because he was scared. Jonah realised the error of his ways and eventually prayed to GOD and said sorry and went and completed his task. We learned from this that praying is an important connection between ourselves and GOD and that we can talk to him when we are happy, sorry or even worried.

We also learned that if someone (a trusted grown up) asks you to do something, it is wise to do it and not run off or there will be consequences. Jonah chose to run and ended up in a whale’s belly (not recommended).

I set a challenge to think about a time when you have had to say sorry and then try and  create a picture of this time.

Here is E running away from his Mum and Dad across a  side road. E was in a mood from something that happened during the day so had stormed off home on his own. Fortunately for E there was no cars on the road but he was sent to his room to think about what he had done. Just like Jonah he realised the error of his ways and he apologised.

Well done E. Just to point out that there are 5 suns in the picture and not huge multi-coloured tarantulas chasing after him. If there had been huge multi coloured tarantulas, I feel E would have every right to flee the scene.

For the record I was nearly hit by a car when I was 7/8 (A Volvo if I recall correctly). I was excited that I was going to Steven Baggely’s house after school. I saw Steven call me over and I shot across without thinking. One emergency stop, 2 distraught Mum’s and a Volvo sign pressed up against me, I was fine.

#Moral of the story: Listen to your parents or a trusted adult because they are just trying to keep you safe. You have plenty of time to grow and make your own decisions when you are older. Also Volvo brake pads are excellent.

This is a picture of Lucy who had to apologise to her sister Annabel. Lucy’s drawing look uncannily like Rugrats in my opinion. At first glance it was Tommy and Chucky having a fall out. Anyway well done Lucy we all fall out with each other sometimes. We are completely unique in our style, personality and opinions so it’s bound to happen along the line. You said sorry though so that’s the most important thing!

Keep them coming and I’ll add them to the blog. Loving the pictures of your school work you have been sending in as well. You have some excellent teachers in your parents and they are doing a fantastic job during this bizarre time. Big pat on the back all round! Hooray

Keep Smiling

Mr Cross