Hello Everybody!

I just thought we’d finish off the massive story of Moses and the 40 year journey of the Israelites early as we have a new character to focus on this Thursday.

Previously on Moses.

God sent Moses and his brother Aaron to Egypt to “convince” the Pharaoh to release the Israelites from slavery. Pharaoh refused so GOD had to release 10 plagues on the Egyptians. Finally the Pharaoh reluctantly agreed and sent Moses and the Israelites away from his land. The Israelites set off with Moses to find a place to stay, but soon after leaving the Pharaoh changed his mind and chased after them (Boooooooo!)

The Pharaoh had them trapped by the shore of the Red Sea and when the Israelites saw the Pharaoh’s army they  were terrified. GOD told Moses to place his staff in the Red Sea and it parted in two. Moses then led the Israelites through the sea to safety. When the Pharaoh charged through the sea, GOD closed the walls of the sea on the Pharaoh’s army.

The Israelites were safe and relieved but now began their long 40 year journey to find their home.

The story leaves us at Mount Sinai, where Moses was instructed to tell the people a list of rules. 10 rules for which the people should try and follow and if they did would live in peace and happiness.

Your challenge today is a simple one:

If you were in charge, what rules would you like to see in Acorn Class?

Try and think of some rules that would make Acorn Class a better place for you. No answer is wrong at all. Expressing your feelings and opinions is really valuable, especially as it’s an important skill to listen to and respect each others feelings as we get older. (Sometimes even adults struggle with this!)

When you have some ideas, email them to me and I’ll create some “commandments” for our class

Have fun!

Mr Cross