We had such an amazing time visiting…Morecambe. We promptly got on the coach and away we went. We were super excited on the coach, take a look at the photos below!



Once we arrived, we went to Happy Mount Park. We had a walk through the park and ended up at the adventure play park. There was a zip line, a trim trail, a sandpit (digger included!) and so much more. Take a look at these fun filled photos.


After we had a quick snack of chocolate chip cookies and a game of football. We had a beautiful, scenic walk along the promenade. We were identifying natural and man-made features along the way, as well as singing some songs! We were certainly working up an appetite for lunchtime and an ice cream.

We sheltered in the shade behind a piece of artwork and tucked into our delicious lunches. And we finished with an ice-cream (or strawberries) – it was just what was needed.


After our lunch, we popped down to the beach. We dug holes, made castles, sculpted a ‘sofa’ and buried each other in the sand! It was tremendous fun. Take a look at these photos.