This week we have been sorting 2D shapes according to specific properties. We have been learning to identify parallel and perpendicular lines. First we sorted the shapes into a Venn diagram with 2 criteria. Then we had a go at sorting them into a Carroll diagram. We labelled the diagram with criteria: 4 sided shapes (quadrilaterals) and parallel lines, no parallel lines. It was really helpful as we recapped our knowledge of 2D shapes  by identify and naming them and discussing their properties.

STEM workshop ( Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics)

Irene Wise came into class to deliver a STEM workshop. It was based around the story of The Three little Pigs. Our task was to make a structure to house a little pig that would not blow down and would keep the pig dry if it rained.

It was a real challenge as our structures kept falling down! We used lots of problem solving skills and we definitely persevered and worked well together as a team. Irene tested them by trying to blow them down by wafting a book to create a wind. We were really surprised that they all stayed standing! She used a watering can to recreate rain and most of the pigs stayed dry.

Thank you to Mrs. Poole for organising this fun, educational afternoon.

In Science we were investigating soil. First we collected our equipment and thought about how we could use it. We discovered that soil is 50% air and water! We used the magnifying glasses to observe the soil closely. We noticed that it was a mixture. We sorted the different parts of the soil:

  • small rocks
  • living things e.g. bugs
  • small sticks and bark
  • plant roots
  • small plants
  • dead leaves

World Book Day

Here we are dressed up for World Book Day – don’t we look great!