Day 3

Hi everyone. I hope you’re all OK and are keeping well. I cannot believe we are already on day 3 of home learning. I hope you’re enjoying the activities and getting on OK with them.

Joe Wicks

Lot’s of you have already been using the daily Joe Wicks work out. But if you haven’t, they go live at 9am each day. Have a go at this link …



Today we are going to pick a character from the story to describe. We have done lots of character descriptions in class so it should be a familiar task.



What characters are in the story?

You can choose to describe either Jack or the Giant today.

Think about:

What does they look like?

What are they wearing?

What are they like?

What words will you use? How do you sound them out? Use your robot arms.

What do we need to remember when we are writing?

Like yesterday, if possible, don’t tell your child how to spell words. Get them to use their robot arms (they will know what to do). Get them to sound it out – first say the word. Then what sound does the word start with, what sound can you hear in the middle, what sound can you hear at the end of the word?


Use this phonics mat to help identify sounds needed.


Here is the Character description activity.

character description

Print it off if you like or can. If not just do your writing in your book.


Thank you to all the children have voted for the Traditional Tale story they want to learn about next week. So Far the Gingerbread Man is winning. If you haven’t voted, vote now … 



I will set spellings on spelling shed each week (fingers crossed it works as Mrs Fisher usually does this for Beech class). I will just be focusing on the Year 1 Common Exception words while we are off. I will set 6 words a week to practice. This week’s words are…

the          a          do         to        today       of

Some you may have had before but it’s good to recap these words. Please try to practice them at home. You could do your own test each week of you would like?


Maths – Length

Today we are going to recap the work we have done on length.

Look through this with your child:

Beanstalk length – day 3

We can use anything to measure, pencils, hands, feet, paperclips, books etc.

Measure different objects in your house. Pick a unit to measure with e.g. pencils. Tell you adult how long or tall something is.

For example the chair is 8 pencils tall.



Please look at this pdf for today’s phonics revision.

phonics day 3


Well-being Activity for the day

Here are the peer massage pictures the class made up. You could do them at home to support well-being. Your child will show you what to do.

peer massage 3


Extra Activities

I have set some ToDo’s on Purple Mash to consolidate Maths from this week and I have put a build a castle activity to link to the work we had done in class. These are optional extra’s so do them if you wish. Spread the tasks out if you wish.

Here are some Jack and the Beanstalk activities to complete if you would like to do some extra bits. Just select one for today. Save another for tomorrow.

Can you build a Jack and the beanstalk scene? Can you build a tall beanstalk?

Get creative! Can you make a Jack and the Beanstalk picture?

Again, email if you have any issues. Please send pictures, if you like, of any work and I would love to have a look – show me your measuring!

Mrs Quinn x