We have been continuing with our topic, Home Sweet Home. We went on a walk around Galgate to see all the things we have been learning about in our topic.

We saw lots of the local landmarks we had been looking at in our topic including:

The silk mill.

The Methodist church.

The New Inn.

The railway bridge and the Seat garage.

We also spoke about different houses you find in Galgate including terraced housing:

We then started our history part of our topic. We started by look at old and new things and things from the past and present. We had lots of different items to sort:

We spoke about what makes them old and new and how we know they are old and new. We even had one of Mrs Quinn’s teddy bears from when she was little.

In our next lesson, we looked at our school in the past and today. We compared what different things were like in the past and what they are like today. We had lots of old pictures of our school to look at. We even saw some of our family members in the pictures!