Hi Beech Class. I hope you are all well. Here is the learning for today…



What do you know about real bears? Talk to an adult about what you already know about bears and then think about what you would like to know.


Discuss some questions would like to ask about bears, e.g. How many types of bear are there? Where do they live? What do they eat?


You don’t need to record these – just talk about them.


Watch The Bear, A Very Cute Mammal:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K- 3snCVlrJ8

to see if you can find out some of the answers to your questions. Discuss anything else you found out too.


Write an information poster using some of the information you have found out.


This could include: Title


 Introductory sentence/s


 What types of bear are there?

Where do bears live?


What do bears look like?


What do bears eat?


Did you know? (Interesting fact box)


Use this template if you would like some structure:




Today we are looking at comparing numbers. Use this link


Also you could watch this to help with greater than and less than as we haven’t covered it in class that much:

Use this picture to help too:

REMEMBER: The crocodiles mouth is always facing the bigger number!


Then have a go at this:


Or you could complete on of these if you prefer …





Have a go at these challenges if you would like something extra:

Don’t forget to have a go at explaining how you know.

Or there is this greater than and less than game:


Or compare numbers with this:

https://www.topmarks.co.uk/ordering-and-sequencing/coconut-ordering (numbers to 100)



Use this to recap previous learning.

phonics recap day 3

Then look at this:


Choose Phoneme Spotter. Read the text aloud, asking the children to listen carefully
for the /oa/ phoneme. Reread the first sentence or two and ask children to put their thumbs up
when they hear that phoneme (they may find this easier with their eyes closed). In pairs, give
children a printed copy of the phoneme spotter. Ask them to underline all words they can find
containing the phoneme and ask them to see how many ways of spelling the phoneme there
are. They can jot these down on the side of the page.
Click on the Reveal Graphemes button. The /oa/ phonemes will be revealed as well as a list
of all the graphemes included in the phoneme spotter. Get children to tick all the ones they


This weeks spelling are:

pie    fried    cried    chief    thief    shield

They are now on Spelling Shed for you to use.


Wellbeing activity of the day

Have a go at this

Watch the monkey and copy his movements.


Mr Garvey PE

Have a go at the PE set by Mr Garvey on his blog.


Extra Activities – if you would like

Today we are carrying on looking at bears and their habitats. Look at this to learn more about animals and their habitats.


Or use this link and watch some of the videos about the different habitats you find in the world:



Then have a go at finding out about these bears and their habitats:

bear habitat activity