Hi Beech Class, I hope you are all OK. Thank you to everyone who has sent work this week, I will be putting pieces on a blog later today to show you all what work has been done by the class this week.  I am looking forward to our Zoom at 11am today and hope to see lots of you there. Have a great weekend and well done to you all (parents too) for everything you have done this week. You are all doing an amazing job.

Mrs Quinn


I have done a separate blog with different English activities if your child is struggling with the English tasks set. Please don’t worry about this if it is the case, writing is difficult so hopefully this may help.

Today we are going to use your favourite dog from yesterday that you create, to write a recount of an adventure they went on. Just like what Hairy Maclary did in his story.


Talk to your child about where their dogs might go, e.g. to the park, shops, woods etc.


Ask – what might your dog do?

Provide choices, such as run home, hide behind a tree, bark at her if they need help.


Write a short recount following the structure below, including the new dogs and the ending chosen earlier:


Try to use different time connectives to start your sentences:


Pete the Pug went out of the gate with …


First they went to ….and…..


Next they trotted … and…


Then they saw …


Finally they …


Remember you need capital letters for names and at the start of the sentence.

You also need full stops at the end.

Check they have this when their writing is done – if they don’t you could get them to change it in a different colour pen.

Select how many sentences your child does depending on what you think is best. They don’t need to use and if that is too complicated for them.

They could draw pictures of what their dog did instead of writing if that is better or use one of the techniques I’ve put on the other blog to help.


Recap arrays using this video. This video shows you lots of everyday arrays:


Look also at the work you have done over the past 2 days on arrays to help to recap your learning.


Then I want you to use these cards to create arrays using objects in your house. You could use teddies, lego bricks, small toys or anything you think would work.


Then can you create your own arrays with your objects?

Can you write the repeated addition (___+___+___=___) and the multiplication calculation (___x___=___) for your array?

Here is an example:


Can you then find some real life arrays in your house like what you saw in the video?


If you haven’t already, have a go at this game on arrays which could help to understand more:




I am aware that this week’s phonics has had lot’s of new sounds that are quite tricky to learn. As a result, I didn’t want to introduce anymore sounds and thought we should just consolidate what we have learned.

Start by recapping sounds leaned, select phase 3 and 5a:


Then look back at the sounds we have learned this week.

have a go at one of these games looking at a, ie, ea, g, c.


 Wellbeing activity of the day

Have a go at this activity:

Mr Garvey PE

Have a go at the PE set by Mr Garvey on his blog.


Extra Activities – if you would like

We are going to continue with our work on Baptism. Have a look at this video which follows on from last week:


It looks at the different symbols in baptism. A symbol is a picture, drawing or an object that means something else.

Symbols are very important in baptism as they are a way of getting closer to God through Jesus.

Here are the different symbols of baptism:


What do you think they could be a symbol for?

Can you pick some and find out what they mean? Here is a good website to use:


Or use this:

baptism fact sheet