Hi Beech Class,

Thank you to all the parents who have emailed saying if their child would like to take part in the Friday Zoom session with Beech Class. If you haven’t had the chance to email yet and your child would like to have a go just email h.quinn@ellel-st-johns.lancs.sch.uk and let me know. There is no pressure to take part, I just thought it maybe nice to see everyone together. I thought we could all share something we have done or something we enjoyed doing in lockdown so there is a focus for the session. If your child would prefer, they could always show something they have made if talking to the group is all too much.

Mrs Quinn x



Today, we are going to start generating our own ideas for a new sea creature poem.

Look through this first:

English Day 3 intro

Then complete the spider diagram with describing words for your chosen sea creature in your books.

English Challenge

If you want an extra challenge for today for writing, you child could always write some further sentences about the creature they have chosen to write their poem about.

Carry on your creatures adventure.

  • What else could they do?
  • Where could they go?
  • What would they see?



Recap left and right from yesterday using the song.



Play this direction game that uses forward, backwards, left and right. You should be able play it without printing if you don’t have a printer by loading it on the screen. Look at the instructions first.

maths day 3 – instructions

maths day 3 grid



Use a grid to move a counter or object you have to different places. Use the words ‘left’, ‘right’, ‘forwards’ and ‘backwards’ to describe the movements.

or have a go at this:



Today we are looking at oy.

Use this and then the link for today’s video is here:

Phonics – Day 3




Spellings should be on Spelling Shed. This week’s words are…


Some you may have had before but it’s good to recap these words as they are the words children need to be able to spell in year 1. Please try to practice them at home. You could do your own test next week if you like?


Well being activity for the day.

Can you draw a picture to show how you are feeling today? It could be a face, a colour, an object or something else you think works. Have a look at these different emotions to help you:

Talk to an adult about how you feel and why you think you are feeling that way. Don’t forget, you could do a peace out or some breathing if you need to calm.


Mr Garvey PE

Don’t forget to have a go at Mr Garvey’s PE activity for today.


Extra activities – if you would like more to do

Today’s sea creature theme is an Octopus.

Watch this video to learn more …

You could get crafty…

Have a go at building an octopus…

Or complete this fact file on octopus:

octopus fact file

To link with our work on direction, here are two google doodle games which look at direction:




Don’t forget there is still lot’s of activities to do on our home learning grid:

home learning grid pirates and oceans

Have a great day and as always, I would love to see what you have been doing so please feel free to email pictures.

Mrs Quinn xx